Open Door Baptist Church

"For the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ" Revelation 1:9


               Our Pastor  

Rev. Craig L. Griffith, Sr. became the pastor of Open Door Baptist Church in September 1997.  Pastor Griffith has been married to his lovely wife Ann since August 1989.  They have seven children.  Pastor Griffith studied at Bible Baptist School of Theology and entered the ministry in 1989.  After serving the Calvary Baptist Church in Job's Corners Pennsylvania, Pastor Griffith joined Biblical Family Ministries.  BFM was located in Northeast Georgia for three years and then re-located to Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  It was there that the Lord directed him to the pastorate of Open Door Baptist Church.  Pastor Griffith serves as the President of Gospel Furthering Fellowship and as the Vice President of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches.  Pastor Griffith loves to preach and has been privileged to preach in many countries around the world!  He also has a passion for the next generation and so he gladly serves as the administrator of Lebanon Christian Academy, where he teaches Bible and has coaches basketball.


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